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Planning a move within Orlando, Florida? Make New Chapters Moving Company is your first choice for Orlando moving services. As a leading moving company in Orlando, we offer superior services, competitive pricing, and a seamless moving experience.

Hiring our residential moving services in Orlando will make moving easier for you and your family. We’re here to help you at every step of the moving process. Our courteous and professional staff adheres to the highest levels of customer service. You can trust that we’ll do the job quickly and with respect for you and your things. With your most priceless possessions, we may pack your entire house or only a few boxes. Our packing methods are tailored to each of your items. Our expert movers can handle any last-minute relocations that come up. Whatever your reason for moving on short notice, we offer same-day or next-day moves for customers who need to relocate quickly.

Our Orlando moving services are valuable for all!

Professional Moving Services in Orlando | New Chapters Moving


Our team of movers has been doing this for years and is fully trained to handle all kinds and sizes of moves. You can trust us to take care of your belongings and make sure your move goes smoothly.

Professional and Kind

We take customer service very seriously and work hard to give our clients a professional and kind experience. We'll talk to you every step of the way to make sure you understand everything and are happy with our services.


We believe that our success depends on how happy our customers are, and our track record speaks for itself. We want you to have the best moving experience possible, and we'll go above and beyond to make sure you're satisfied with our services.

Why Us For Moving Services Orlando?


Finding a reliable and professional service provider is essential when searching for moving services Orlando. Let New Chapters Moving Company, the leading provider of Orlando moving services, help you transition smoothly to your new home.

Here’s a glimpse of what our moving services Orlando entail:

Professional Moving Services in Orlando | New Chapters Moving
  • Personalized Moving Plan – Our team will create a moving plan tailored to your requirements. This ensures a smooth and efficient moving process.
  • Expert Packing and Unpacking – Our professional packers will carefully wrap and protect your belongings using high-quality packaging. Once your items have arrived at your new home, our team can also unpack and organize your belongings, making your transition even smoother.
  • Safe & Secure Transport – Our experienced movers will load and unload your items carefully, using specialized equipment to minimize the risk.
  • Ongoing Support – Our team is always available to answer any questions or address any concerns arising during the moving process. Your satisfaction is our top priority.
  • Unrivaled Customer Service – Our dedication to customer satisfaction is unparalleled. From the initial consultation to the last delivery of your goods, our team is dedicated to offering courteous, knowledgeable service and addressing any issues you may have.

This is how we assure the best experience of Orlando moving services with us.

How Can We Help with Moving in Orlando?

Our moving services make your relocation stress-free and convenient. Here’s how we can help:

  • Customized Moving Plans

We understand that each move is unique. Our team will develop a personalized moving plan covering everything, from packing to transportation.

  • Expert Packing for Moves

Our qualified packers use premium materials and the most recent packaging methods to safeguard your belongings during transport. We take great care to pack your possessions safely, reducing the possibility of damage while we are moving.

  • Reliable transportation

We use a fleet of well-maintained trucks and employ experienced drivers to ensure your belongings are safe and on time.

  • Transparent Pricing

New Chapters Moving Company offers competitive pricing for moves without any unexpected charges. Our pricing structure ensures that you know what to expect regarding the cost of your move.

  • Interstate Moves

We are fully licensed and insured for interstate moves, providing you with the peace of mind you need during this significant life event.


Apartment Movers Orlando: Expertly Navigating Complex Moves

Moving to or from an apartment can present unique challenges, but New Chapters Moving Company has the expertise to handle the most complex moves. As experienced apartment movers in Orlando, we offer:

Specialized Equipment: Our team utilizes specialized equipment and techniques to navigate tight spaces, stairs, and elevators, ensuring your belongings are safely transported.

Coordination with Building Management: We work closely with building management to adhere to specific rules or regulations, ensuring a seamless moving experience for you and your neighbors.

 Flexible Scheduling: We understand that apartment moves often require coordinating with multiple parties. Our team works around your schedule, making moving as convenient as possible.

Efficient process: Our experienced movers can quickly and efficiently handle your move, ensuring a smooth transition even on short notice.

Expert Handling – Our team of skilled movers is trained to handle your furniture carefully, ensuring it arrives at your new location in no condition.

Ensuring a Smooth Transition Quality Orlando Moving Services You Can Trust

Relocating can be a great experience, filled with a mix of excitement and anxiety. The logistics of moving – from packing up memories to ensuring they reach your new home safely – can be daunting. However, with the right Orlando moving services, what could be a stressful event can transform into a seamless journey. This is where New Chapters Moving Company Company shines, offering unparalleled expertise and a genuine commitment to ensuring every move is a success.

  • Understanding the Need for Quality

When it comes to relocating in and around Orlando, quality is paramount. With its blend of residential neighborhoods, bustling urban areas, and serene suburbs, Orlando presents unique moving challenges. New Chapters Moving Company Company, backed by years of experience, understands these intricacies. Our team is not only trained in the art of moving but also in the art of understanding the client’s individual needs. This dual focus ensures the Orlando moving services they provide are always top-tier.

  • Building Trust with Every Move

Trust is not a given; it’s earned. We have built our reputation on consistent delivery,  communication, and a commitment to customer satisfaction. When residents of Orlando seek moving services, the trust factor plays a significant role. They need to know that their cherished belongings are in safe hands. With the New Chapters team at the helm, clients can rest assured, knowing that every item, whether it’s a family heirloom or a piece of essential furniture, will be treated with utmost care.

Features of New Chapters’ Orlando Moving Services:

  • Customized Packing Solutions: Offering tailored packing services ensures that everything, from fragile items to bulky furniture, is packed optimally.
  • Advanced Equipment: Utilizing state-of-the-art equipment and vehicles, New Chapters guarantees that your belongings are transported safely and efficiently.
  • Transparent Pricing: Hidden costs can be a concern for many, but with New Chapters’ transparent pricing model, clients know what they’re paying for.
  • Local Knowledge: Being deeply rooted in Orlando, the team possesses knowledge of the city’s layout, ensuring timely and hassle-free moves.

Relocating should be about new beginnings and exciting opportunities, not about stress and uncertainty. By choosing quality Orlando moving services like those provided by New Chapters Moving Company Company, residents are ensuring their move is in the best hands. Their comprehensive services, coupled with a reputation built on trust, ensure that every transition is not just smooth but also a positive experience to remember. You’re not just choosing a moving service; you’re choosing peace of mind.

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A: We recommend scheduling your move at least four weeks to ensure availability and to give you ample time for planning and preparation.

A: Absolutely! New Chapters Moving Company is fully licensed and insured, providing peace of mind throughout the moving process.

A: Our experienced team is trained to handle specialty items carefully, using specialized equipment when necessary.

A: Certainly! We offer secure storage solutions for short-term and long-term needs to accommodate your unique situation.


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